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La nouvelle version est sortie, vous savez ce qu'elle ajoute ?

Elle corrige pas mal de bugs apparemment. Smile
En fait pour les changements il n'y en a pas tant que ça, mais ça fait toujours des bugs en moins, voilà la liste:

Crash fixes
(*)fixed some potential problems with aborting zone placement, though it's not guaranteed to solve the crash there

Major bug fixes
(*)fixed problem causing dwarves to not sleep in any bed
(*)fixed problem causing dwarves not to respect ownership in sleeping priorities
(*)made cursor center on buildings properly when linking them up to a lever etc.
(*)stopped other civilizations from bringing liaisons
(*)stopped building destroyer diplomats/traders from destroying things
(*)made units check the validity of targets more often (counters certain interrupt spam)

Other bug fixes/tweaks
(*)fixed broken vial making jobs
(*)make rock short swords use the proper material for the final product
(*)made horn silver use the stone template
(*)moved all native metals off of metal template
(*)stopped season counter from resetting to spring after travel in adventure mode

Sinon pour ceux qui auraient des problèmes avec la version SDL, il est possible que ça soit dû à des fichiers .DLL manquants, que vous pourrez télécharger sur ce lien , et qu'il suffira de dézipper dans le ficher principal du jeu. 8)
Tiens, il y a eu une nouvelle MAJ :

Release notes for 0.31.14 (September 23, 2010):

The main issues here were to handle the new bugs from 0.31.13 which were gumming things up (broken migration, undiggable adamantine) and to address site sprawl concerns a bit. To the latter end, there's a new world gen option to limit the total number of sites and I've added a few options to "Create World Now!" to make use of that. It's not going to be truly satisfying until dwarven sprawl is better defined and there are more things to do with the sprawl in adventure mode and in dwarf mode wars, but overall I don't plan to decrease the amount of sprawl drastically on default settings once that is handled -- sprawl will likely increase again once memory problems are addressed, there are more things to do with it, and it shifts more dynamically over long periods of time (improved war, disease, famine, migrations, etc). For now you can control sprawl with the site cap, with the civilization number, with the savagery, and with the history end year from the "Create World Now!" menu without much fuss (and the default setting is much lighter on sprawl than the default in 0.31.13).

Major bug fixes
(*)fixed problems with immigrants having strange unit types and erroneous announcements about terrifying forts
(*)allowed raw adamantine to be diggable now by adding a new tag to slade for the time being. There is a side effect -- slade in old saves will be diggable. Add [UNDIGGABLE] to slade in the save's raws in inorganic_stone_mineral.txt in your save to fix that. If you choose to dig through the slade, please don't report any associated bugs. The game likely won't be able to deal with it properly.

Other bug fixes/tweaks
(*)fixed plant text in food preferences and stopped generated forgotten beasts etc. from being chosen

New stuff
(*)added site cap option to world gen parameters
(*)added beast cap options to world gen parameters
(*)added a few options to "create world now"
En fait, nouvelle version aujourd'hui: v0.31.15

Major bug fixes
(*)made invasions come again

Other bug fixes/tweaks
(*)lots of raw fixes (see "file changes.txt")
(*)made reactions show the proper building
(*)made LEAVES load the 'character' style tile properly
(*)corrected labor name "soap maker" -> "soap making"
(*)fixed typo in world gen rejection dialog for missing civ definitions
(*)fixed spelling of chinchilla for forgotten beasts (new ones only)
Encore une : 0.31.16

Release notes for 0.31.16 (October 4, 2010):

Hopefully this one doesn't have any weird new issues. That bumpy lag should be gone now, and there are expanded refuse pile options. You can also turn off having your dwarves track around blood (it starts off in the init). I left it on in adventure mode, but you can turn it off there too if you want.

Major bug fixes
(*)got rid of intermittent lag that popped up in 0.31.15

New stuff
(*)added spatter init options (dwarf mode defaults to no walking spread of spatter)
(*)allowed skull/bone/shell/tooth/horn settings from refuse pile
Nouvelle version aujourd'hui: v0.31.17

je la met sur notre wiki
Et encore une v0.31.18, je la met aussi sur le wiki

Les corrections:
Major bug fixes
(*)fixed crash from shop signs being placed off map
(*)fixed crash during character generation of human outsiders if you back out of the name menu
(*)fixed crash from trap announcements/reports
(*)fixed world gen crash that arose from creature in secondary entity population taking over leadership role when caste mods are present
(*)fixed crash from walking off the left or upper edge of the world
(*)corrected misaligned bodypart appearance modifiers on load and resulting crash in pref screen, origin of misalignment unclear
(*)fixed problem where you are considered a thief after shopping at a store that had previous had its inventory offloaded
(*)made uniform assignments respect handedness
(*)reenabled SDL movie recording
(*)stopped unfinished quests performed by previous characters from stopping nobles from giving new characters quests

Other bug fixes/tweaks
(*)made skill rates copy over to castes correctly
(*)fixed problem that added bogeyman kills to the wrong parts of the kill lists
(*)stopped retirement in town when bogeymen are active
(*)stopped unequipable soldier unit types from occasionally appearing in ambushes/sites/migrants
(*)corrected placement of cauldrons
(*)got rid of size bonus mistakenly applied to opportunity skill rolls and put in the rage penalty it was supposed to be
(*)made master pikemen get proper skill
(*)stopped lair hatch covers from rotting away
(*)added announcement for falling damage
(*)adding retching after initial vomiting
(*)changed metal use for humans/gobs/kobs via existing raw tags
(*)changed a few two-handed weapon sizes
(*)updated dwarf party organization conditions
(*)fixed problem with movie playback showing an extra garbage frame for each chunk of the movie
(*)changed conversation colors
(*)fixed double adjective in dark fortress
(*)made Elite Bowman name appear correctly (was showing up as blowgunner), and a few related typos
(*)fixed some other typos

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