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Prochaine version
Citation : Thanks to everybody that helped out last month! Hopefully we'll be
getting a release together in May, depending on how these last remaining
bits work out. The largest set of changes left involves mining --
we'll be announcing those as we go, since we want to see some ideas in
place before we commit to them. Volumes of objects need to be sorted
out, the raws for minecarts need to be finalized (things like which pile
they go in, etc.), liquids-in-carts needs to be decided on, and...
that's about it. We'll likely be bumping work animals in the interests
of getting a release up.
Une news postée sur le forum anglophone par Toady One nous annoce la sortie d'une nouvelle version en Mai! :thumbup:
La plupart des changements concernent le minages, et il semble que nous aurons les fameux minecarts. Smile
Il semble qu'il ne leur reste que quelques finalisations au niveau des minecarts (comme le transport de liquides) avant la sortie de cette nouvelle version.
Je vous tiens au courant si j'ai des news.

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